Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I still remember my childhood,
Love, affection and chide of my mother,
Weeping in a false manner,
Playing in the moonlight,
Struggles with cousins and companions,
Psuedo-chide of my father,
I still have everything with me,
But i miss,
Those childhood memories

2                     OCTOPUS
Man has become octopus,
entangled in his own clutches,
fallen from sky to earth,
new foundation was made,
of rituals, customs and manners,
tried to come out of the clutches,
but not
waiting for doom`s day    

of this century,
in the hope,
era has changed,
to see something new,
everything will be changed,
but what happens with thinking,
do something positive
it will take years,
to build

I am tired,
of callling,
i am finding none,
to come with me,
none is hearing me,
hearts have been locked,
windows of ears have been closed,
its my fate,
pain is my destiny,
i have no complain,
towards anyone

I want to forget everything,
dropping wounds,flowing tears,
hunger,despair and sting of poverty,
wall of discrimination,
i want to forget this,
but people wants,
not to heal this,
my efforts have become useless,
my wounds are still live

                        O! ROSE
O! rose,
left thorns,
in my orchard,
i am bleeding,
my orchard has no fragrance,
still now,
many plants grew,
but weather is not favourable,
greenary has lost,
trees are cut,
belief  no more,
system crushed,
orchard has become desert  

The faces of hopes,
have become dim,
greenery has disappeared,
like ghosts,
the shades have become mirage,
skyscrappers are creating tensions,
green colour is our reliever,
we hope to save this greenery

Destroyer of men`s obstacles,
beginners of every auspicious work,
lover of modakas[ sweets],
ardent obedient to his father,
having the trunk of an elephant,
a transplantation of the head of an elephant,
driver of mouse-van,
save us from all hurdles, all obstacles
is like,
having a  burning coal,
in his hands,
and burning himself,
it is a volcano,
destroys all the limbs,
it is an earthquake,
that shakes itself,
it is a bomb-blast,
that blasts its own body,
it is a bullet that kills himself,
drive away anger
                                  USE OF
What is the use of,
hiding the miseries,
what is the use of,
relations are very fragile,
what is the use of,
testing them,
the thirst of the earth can`t be quenched,
what is the use of,

                       BURNING DREAM
I am burning dream,
of your eyes,
i am cold scorching ,
of the moon,
you have forgotten,
which by burning to ashes,
i am that dream,

Propaganding of skills,
creating useless thrills,
destroying the image of others,
accumulating the maximum opportunity,
showing the maximum generosity,
at the cost of others,
climbing step by step on the heads of others,
naked play of money,
partition and bargaining of honey,
always for their sake,
this progress is fake,
this is retrogress

                   SPRING FEVER
The nature has dressed green saree,
white, red, yellow coloured flowers,
have made its border,
the cuckoo is singing in the trees,
all these are welcoming the spring,
All are praying goddess Sarawati,
all have sung auspicious songs,
the noise of birds, the naughtiness of wind,
all have come to welcome spring,
new zeal, new weather, new environment,
we welcome you o! spring

How beautiful are eyes,
but they have no light,
how many rivers have dried,
in the heart of desert,
you can see everything,
you can recognise everything,
but why this darkness was in your fate,
the light of eyes denied,
what kind of punishment it is?
but don`t loose heart,
don`t  off the light of your insight,
don`t go away from the battlefield,
of life
open the eyes of your mind

Dakness is hovering in streets,
how can i get brightness,
how are persons of two faces,
chilhood is burdened with tons,
no one is to support here,
every country is terrorised,
humanity is moaning now,
devils are prospering

This darkness will disappear,
have patience,
after all the sun will rise,
have patience,
this destruction will stop,
have patience,
Lord Buddha will emerge once again,
have patience,
Lord Krishna is coming,
to create the symphony of love by his flute,

                  PRIEST  OF LABOUR
The farmer,
the drops of sweats,
with seeds in the fields,
seeds germinate with labour,
whether it is a farmer or a labourer,
every one is priest of labour,
but today we are going away from labour,
we are searching short cuts,
without labour,
without labour
man is not man

Where has gone that world?
of my imagination,
where has gone the compassion,
which was among mankind,
where has gone that society?
which had love and love only,
in place of hatred, jealousy and malice,
where has gone that people?
who dedicated themselves to the society,
will this world of my imagination,?
return again
when the people,
will recognise their humanity the 

You are vivacious,
like the flowing river,
my life is controlled,
like a dam,
you are homogenious,
mingle many streams within you,
but i am infinite sea,
but provide me patience,
to control the speed of the anger,
otherwise there would be destruction  themselves

Why do you feel defeated,?
why are you sitting in the way?
the path is difficult,
but life is there,
don`t remain in the dark tunnel,
of disappointment,
one spark is there,
don`t worry, if this sea of life,
is polluted,
one pearl of love is there

The night is dark,
but day is bright,
look! both have got ,
a very lovely sight,
Deep inside us goes on a fight,
constantly between dark and light,
should never darkness let to reign the domain,
let us fight with might


        ONLY  MINE
My heart is restless for your embrace,
i`ll take you in my palace,
i can challenge the world and time,
i`m sure you are but only mine,

A young lady rocks in my vision,
her face throws me away in  illusion
she comes to me from high skies,
bears love and pain in her eyes,

Her cheeks are comely and smile is sober,
she can be crazy but her beauty never,
though her eyes bear a star`s bright glow,
it ensures her love but it`s too slow

Many a times she has put me to test,
never gave me  a single moment to rest,
she tries to cool my burning desires,
hey! i`m not water but a ball of fire

When the tears flow from eyes,
these say many things ,
the heart faces the hurt,
but why do the tears flow from eyes?
suddenly when we get the happiness,
the stream of tears start flowing,
when everyone departs,
these tears remain with us,
in difficult times

                   WHAT   ARE   YOU?
I go on thinking usually,
afterall what are you?
perhaps you are a song of the poet,
or you are lotus in the lake,
i keepin on thinking gazing the stars,
as much i think about you,
i drown in the sea of memories,
are you the fragrant  summer eve ?
or the first sunshine after  showers,
the much i thought about you,
the more i got you

                   I    AM
What am i ?
body or soul,
or an ego,
haelth or wealth,
name and fame,
post and chair,
if we delete i from these,
what will remain then,
pure existence,
reality, bliss and the eternal destination,
where one wants to reach

What is,
in the ownership,
of limitless treasures,
when he doesn`t have,
morality, love and compassion,
pity, patience and bravery,
without these things,
he is like a tree,
without roots,
which neither provide,
shade and shelter to birds,
nor fruits to eat,
what`s the use,
of becoming master of these things

                       GANGA  MAIYYA
O! the daughter of great Himalaya,
i salute you Ganga Maiyya,
you the provider of life to everyone,
you the symbol of belief of everyone,
you are flowing through stones and hills,
your glory is immortal,
throughout the ages,
How beautiful you are?
you are telling the tale,
of immortal glory,
your water remains pure throughout the ages,
your thoughts are immortal and divine,
we  get solace near your banks,
people gets heaven who dies near you,
o ! Ganga Maiyya, i salute you

Gita uttered from the divine mouth of God,
it is really sea in nutshell,
it is easy and free flowing,
it is spring in autumn,
it is like dark clouds of rain in desert,
it is provider of Moksha,
it blesses like mother,
it tells us easy way,
to do our duty,
but reward shouldn`t be our concern,
this is the teaching of Bhagvad Gita

                       YOU WILL GO ALONE
You wil not accompany you,
you will go alone,
your palaces , your cars,
your body upon which you showed pride,
you thought yourself immortal,
you will roll in dust,
this world is like changing colours,
what will you get in this world ?
all relations are false,
these are illusions of love,
one thing is certain,
you will go alone

                     AGAINST US
Do you ever thought?
the cut trees can complain ,
the half burn trees can curse,
against us,
what will happen,
if these trees stop,
providing us fruits and shades,
if rivers refuse to flow,
think what will happen,
when nature will become,
against us

                         DIFFERENT  MINDS

deserted like deset,
thirsty  like for wine,
scorching like in summer,
toally unknown ,
from this knowledge,
silent like cremitorium,

                           O!  GOD
O! God,
i want to make your statue,
you don`t feel hunger and anger,
you don`t feel happiness and sadness,
if you felt,
then there wouldn`t be any hungry,
anyone sad,
all kinds of grieves,
O! God,
then make me a stone,
with no feelings ,
of passion and compassion

Word breaks silence,
touches the hearts,
joins the minds,
fights the persons,
words are very powerful,
words are the real treasures,
of human beings

You can`t know the meaning of hunger
till you haven`t remained hungry,
you can`t feel the pain,
of stomach and closing eyes,
you can`t understand,
the staggering legs,
without power
you can`t understand this meaning,
remaining in air condition house

It looks,
i have to change my old mask,
the colour of its face has become old,
there are several lines in it,
i used to wear this mask,
to hide my animal feelings and cruelties,
now looks i can be caught,
i fear from the cracks of mask,
there shouldn`t come my animality,
now i am in tension,
now i will come to my reality

Life`s magic,
the more you dip, the more it becomes deep,
you are protector and its selector,
why there is no ray of hope ?
the past which passed,
take the teachings from it,
sorrows and happiness go together,
life is a bed of thorns,
but don`t change your humanity,
don`t loose heart,
work is worship

By the vapour of sensations,
like a heavy cloud,
the rising of the mind,
it looks it will pour,
scorching rains upon the earth,
but everyone is unjknown to this,
it will loose its existence,
in one moment,
in the desert of falsehood

I haven`t taken birth,
just to live,
i have come here,
to change the world,
i want to eradicate the darkness,
i want to create humanity,
i want to stop this race of mammonism,
but how many,
will pay heed to my words,
who will recognise me,
but i am firm,
on my resolve

We  laugh,
not on our happiness,
but on other`s disaster,
We weep,
not on other`s grieves,
but on our grieves,
this is self

The sun of the country,
has set,
the black fearful night is descending,
new dawn has hidden ,
in the dark forest,
every person is wounded,
every orchard is burning,
with violence,
the gardener is destroying,
the buds,
there is display of naked swords,
everyone has become mute

             PRECIOUS  LOVE
In the sea of feelings,
when waves of sensations are created,
tides of passions create tremour,
years begins to hear,
love buds starts to blossom,
precious love start growing,
the swan of love start floating,
both start dancing,
love enters in the lives 

Old memories,
griped the breath,
the prison of eyes,
made free the tears,
its time to call the martyr,
the flowers have blossomed,
the tears started flowing,
the tears are writing,
the story of the martyr,

                    YOUR  LAUGHTER
Your laughter,
a blossoming bud,
eyes like peacock,
vivacious, sweet your laughter,
what are the feelings,
on your faces,
your laughter,
like a melodious rain,
creates sensations in the heart,
your laughter
benumbs the eyes
i pray,
you carry on laughing

                                 PRECIOUS  MONUMENT
O! tree,
you are the precious monument,
of this universe,
nature is from you,
from you is human life,
greenery is from you,
ecological balance is from you,
all dreams of men from you,
let`s implant trees

Every moment, every time,
the life flows like a river,
one history creates at every moment,
sometimes happiness,
sometimes sadness,
the person feels everytime,
and sees golden dreams,
try new experiments,
and flows like a river 

You thought me a spark,
because! i am a woman,
only carry on lightning,
for everyone
but i am a torch,
which will burn,
the chains of  blind traditions,
the wind can extinguish spark,
but not the torch

                  WELCOME   SPRING
The spring has come,
now the  new music will descend,
on the dry sad sand,
the new buds will laugh now,
in the blue sky of the mind,
the love letter of the spring,
will be written now,
the cukoo will sing a sweet song,
the tide of the youth ,
will become uncontrolled,
the heavy winged thieves,
will steal the honey,
in the mute lyre of the mind,
will create a new song,
of humanity  

No one will come,
till when you will call,
you will feel uneasiness,
you will enroll your clothes,
peep through the sky,
you will think,
He will descend,
no one will come,
you have to face yourself

Till this earth and sky will remain,
the lamp of love will spread light,
everyone will look for our friendship,
whether this world will remain our enemy,
everyone finds the ways to die,
we shall tell them the ways to live,
the face of the man will change,
but the mirror will remain the same

                  YOUR  MEMORY
Your memory,
comes like a floating cloud,
no one knows,
from where it comes,
and from where it goes
your memory comes,
like a sweet fragrance,
your memory comes,
from distant hills,
like a flowing river
and where it goes

Don`t  call  me in the dream,
the eyes become clouds,
and these starts pouring pearls,
don`t make me remember those days,
when heaven descends in the lap,
the moon laughed in our life,
the moonlit fragrant nights,
aches us to writhe,
a dream-call,
to move forward
Now the meaning of knowledge,
is different from morals,
it has one and only one aim,
benefit only,
for this modern knowledge,
human sensations, passion, compassion,
are unusual words,
they are so much expert in their words,
and knowledge,
that no one can question,
about their knowledge
Desires, dreams, doldrum
Slight love
One desire in the heart
Daily dies slowly slowly
A revolt burst in the heart
In one moment
The meaning of life began to change
A  new dawn
Began to emerge

Some party is against  Hindus,
Some against Mohammdens
Some party is against Hindi
some against English
but no party is against corruption
poverty, illiteracy and terrorism
none opposes darkness
none favours humanism
everywhere is naked play
of money and liquor
how is this politics!
                     DISATER – DISASTER
On the threshold of 21st century
The moving time
With the speed of hurricane
I don`t have any past
Nor any future
The sun doesn`t rise
In the dark tunnel of my life
The dim eyes
Looking hopes everywhere
All the weather same
All festivals
Autumn –spring
My only hope
My little son
In my lap


My corpse is lying
Near roadside
Weeping and moaning
Of my children
Se, I can`t explain my happiness
Was I so happy
When I was alive
I couldn`t get sufficient food, no home
No more clothes to wear
I couldn`t feed my children properly
Now I am free
No more to care
Any one

>My past,
you have become my shadow,
you, pulls me again and again,
but i don`t want to look behind,
time can`t choose
the weaker moments of life
from past
My past
you can`t become my present
Sons are desired
but daughters are born,
sons are nurtured
but daughters are blossomed
sons are given Everest height
but daughters climb on it
sons keep us weeping
but duaghters weep for us
sons keep us dreaming
but daughters are the naked realities of life
sons make distance
but daughters come close to their parents
inspite of all these
we desire sons

Her beauty
Like silken touch
Fragrance of roses
Enticing eyes have
Depth of  a lake
In soft hairs
Ink of blackness
Her glaring beauty
Make me a statue