Monday, October 25, 2010


        INTER CONTINENTAL (Africa-America-India)

Head Office
StephenGill, Dr.  
Box 32, Cornwall
, Ont. K6H 5R9 Canada (Tel. 613-932-
Local Office
Sharma,Ram. C-26, SHRADHAPURI PHASE2,  KANKERKHERA, MEERUT CANTT                                                     
                                 250001, U.P., INDIA,, 

Dear Sir,

Peace has become a migrated bird today and seems to have no interest to live among us. Tagore’s dream of making the nation peaceful, healthy and wealthy is now an imagination. But there are saying like “if all wells that ends well”, “where there is will, there is a way.”Stephen Gill World Peace Academy wishes to move forward to promote education, training and professionalism. After all we can think of peace only when we are well educated in the real sense and update in such a manner that we are able to survive well in this globalised scenario.
We are committed to spread peace and harmony all over the world and with this aim we have associated with professional as well as literary people to work under one umbrella giving shade to various scholars, professional, teachers and administrative people by guiding them, motivating them, encouraging them to bring efficiency in their work to be prosperous in their lives and thus help the nation. Our organization organizes workshop programs, seminars, guest lectures on diverse theme. . Numerous factors, such as justice, power, national interest, ethnic rivalry, hunger, the environment, values, human nature, and economics, have an impact on world peace.
We make a humble request to you to organize some guest lecture or workshop or some activity as per your requirements to help our organization in its motto. We ask for some financial support against this as we organize some involuntary activities throughout the year. We are attaching the list of the topics on which we provide lectures, training, workshop both for teachers and scholars.
If interested to stretch out yours hands to help us out, please contact us.

Thanking you

Yours Faithfully
Dr.Ram Sharma
President, SGWPA

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